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Mitra Milestones

July 1994 First annual Intervarsity Buddhist Convention held in Sydney and attended by Unibuds (University of NSW), ailment
Unibodhi (Sydney University ) and Newcastle University Buddhist Society.
2000 to 2001 Melbourne University, help
RMIT and Monash University organise joint activities such as talks and social activities.
July 2002 The Intervarsity Buddhist Convention in Sydney identified that more formal and continuing links were required between campus Buddhist societies.
September 2002 Mitra Intervarsity Buddhist Network formed by UTS Buddhist Society, Unibodhi (Sydney Uni) and Macbuddhi (Macquarie Uni)
Early 2003 Mitra website established
Late 2003 Mitra assembles a resource collection including thousands of free Buddhist books available for societies to give to their members and potential members
Early 2004 Friends of Mitra established, which is a group of mature age Buddhists willing to provide ongoing support including event catering, raising funds and logistics
Feb 2004 First Mitra Training Day held at Macquarie University. Brings committees from five societies together to share ideas on running successful orientation week activities
March 2004 First Mitra lunch held for students and alumni. Hosted by Friends of Mitra
July 2004 First Mitra Buddhist Youth Conference held in Sydney. Over 100 people attended including students from Victoria and South Australia.
November 2004 First Mitra Alumni Dinner
February 2005 Mitra Training Day held at Sydney University, attended by MacBuddhi, Unibodhi, UTS Buddhist Society, and UniBuds.
April 2005 Second Mitra lunch held for students and alumni. Hosted by Friends of Mitra
June 2005 Incorporated as Mitra Youth Buddhist Network
July 2005 2005 Australian Youth Buddhist Conference entitled ?Illuminating The Path? (2nd Mitra Youth Buddhist Conference). Attendees from around Australia to International Delegates.
December 2005 Second Mitra Alumni Dinner 
March 2006 Mitra Training Day held at UTS, attended by MacBuddhi, Unibodhi, UTS Buddhist Society, Unibuds and BLIA-YAD 
July 2006 2006 Mitra Buddhist Forum (3rd Mitra Buddhist Conference) entitled “Stop Chasing… Look Within”.  Attendees from most Australian states and territories and international delegates. 
July 2007  2007 Mitra Conference (4th) “Change Mind…Change World” held at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. – Attendees from all over Australia and the world.Launch of the Mitra CD Project “Interior Horizon” to raise funds for HFC Orphanage in Cambodia.
July 2008  2008 Mitra Conference (5th) “Wisdom for a Modern World” – over 500 attendees from across the globe!



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