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As a non profit organisation we try and raise money for our activities through our supporters. To help us you can purchase copies of previous conference’s DVDs or the Mitra CD from below. Where possible, we also use proceeds to help with other good causes aswell. Paypal is our preferred method of payment. If you would prefer to use Bank Transfer, Cheque or pick up your order, please email us at to place your order

2009dvd“Having Enough..Finding Spiritual Wealth”          Pre-Order the 2009 Mitra Conference DVD



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2008dvd“Wisdom for a Modern World”
Order the 2008 Mitra Conference DVD

The “Wisdom for a Modern World” 2008 Mitra Buddhist Conference was held at the University of Technology, Sydney this year. The theme explored how the wisdom of Buddhism can be experienced in all aspects of our lives even in our chaotic modern world we can find a peace and tranquility awaiting those who seek it. There will be footage of all 6 talks including Venerable Robina Courtin explanation of transforming the mind, Venerable David Lungtok on Emptiness, Venenerable U Vamsarakkhita on “The Buddha’s Teaching – Simple, Practical and Powerful” and Venerable Shravasti Dhammika on “2500 Years of Evolving Truth” This year we have decided to donate the profits from the DVD sale to Venerable Sister Yeshe Chodron’s Kalyanamitra Foundation which delivers social services to the poor regions of India.You can find out more on the Kalyanamitra Foundation here

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CDInterior Horizon CD Project

Members of MITRA Youth Buddhist Network in co-ordination with various Sydney recording artists/musicians have been working on a CD project entitled ” The Interior Horizon” showcasing contemporary music with a message of peace, wisdom and compassion. 

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2007dvd“Change your mind, Change the world”             2007 Conference DVD

The “Change your mind, Change the world” 2007 Mitra Buddhist Conference was held at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Footage from both days including all 6 main talks are now available on DVD. This includes Ven Heng Sure’s insight on whether “Buddhist Activism” is an oxymoron, Ven. Yuan Zhi’s on “Love” – is it all you need? Ven. Christine Roberts on “Changing your mind” a discussion between AACAP’s Dr Eng Kong Tan and Ven Ayya Sucinta about the “Therapist’s couch and the meditation cushion” The three DVD set also features extra footage of interviews with participants, music from the Interior Horizon CD, slideshows and some of the discussion groups Proceeds of the sale of the DVD will help fund next years conference as well as future MITRA events.
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2006dvd“Stop Chasing … Look Within”                                      2006 Conference DVD

The 2006 “Stop Chasing…Look Within Mitra Forum was our third conference and was held at the Women’s college at Sydney University Campus and the talks are now available on DVD. The Two-Disc DVD set features talks from both days of the conference including Ajahn Brahm’s entertaining discussion on whether the West needs Buddhism, Ven. Thich Phuoc Tan on how to be a “Socially Engaged Buddhist” and Ven. Thubten Dondrup’s moving talk on how to deal with suffering. Proceeds of the sale of the DVD will help fund the costs of next years conference as well as future MITRA events.

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