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Spiritual Friendship

To foster kalyanamitra (spiritual friendships) and spread the Dhamma (teachings of the Buddha), Mitra organises many events and projects, such as social gatherings, Buddhist events/temple hopping, Dhamma sessions, retreats and volunteering runs. We believe that spritual friendships help to grow, deepen and support one another’s spiritual practice and journey.


Mitra aims to provide support for existing youth Buddhist societies and assistance for new ones who are striving to grow, through our mentoring program. Regardless of whether it is moral support, physical assistance or ideas, we hope that we will be able to help youth Buddhist societies to achieve their goals in propagating the Dharma.


From intervarsity workshops sharing past experiences and skills of running societies to career-oriented sessions and networking, Mitra runs educational events for young Australian Buddhists, from students to working professionals. We hope to pass on valuable lessons of the past as we continue to grow together along the path.


Bringing together the Buddhist community from all traditions, Mitra Conferences are our platforms for people of all backgrounds, ages and faiths to learn, discuss and share the Buddhist teachings. Since our first conference in 2003, we have invited both local and international monastics, delegates and lay presenters from all denominations of Buddhism. Our most recent conferences were “Socially Engaged, Spiritually Aware” (2019) and “HiStory, Her Story: Our Common Story” (2018).