If you are no longer at University or part of a youth Buddhist group but would like to get involved again, this section is for you. Alumni are an important part of our network.

Who are the MITRA Alumni?

The Mitra Alumni are made up of former members of university Buddhist societies who have now graduated, or otherwise ‘moved on’ from university, but who still want to be part of the youth Buddhist community.

Why does MITRA need Alumni Support?

Former committee and other active members from university Buddhist societies are vital to provide support and continuity for the current committees. As many of us know, a major challenge for university Buddhist societies is to maintain the level of knowledge and expertise in committees with a high turnover rate. Alumni can help current committees by sharing their experiences, training new committee members, lending their skills such as website design or accounting and with financial support. Alumni can optimise assistance by seeking election on the Mitra Executive Committee, to give advice and represent the greater Alumni perspective.

What’s in it for me?

Being part of the Mitra Alumni gives former Buddhist society members a chance to remain involved in propagating the Dharma amongst young people and to ‘put something back’ into university Buddhist societies. It’s also a great opportunity to maintain links with friends from university days! Alumni will also be invited to attend both social and Dharma related events, something that often becomes more difficult after graduation.

How does the Alumni Network operate?

Anyone who is not a current student at a university may join MITRA through the Alumni network. Registration may be done online or by submitting the MITRA Alumni Membership Form to any of the MITRA committee members. Membership is free.

For executive committee members of all member university Buddhist societies, if you are completing your studies after (and including) year 2003, membership to the Alumni is automatic. Nevertheless, we would appreciate your assistance in completing a membership form and also to understand your expectations of MITRA. Exco members who do not wish to join the Alumni may state this in the membership form although we do not recommend this.

An Alumni member may participate on an informal or more formal basis. The level of your involvement in the network is entirely up to the you. If you are keen in furthering Buddhism within universities, you might like to share your experience and expertise. By joining MITRA and indicating your areas of expertise, you may be contacted to provide assistance in a number of areas. You may also choose to join the committee and make decisions about the future direction of the group. MITRA is a suitable avenue for graduates to keep in contact with university Buddhist societies. The Alumni network’s aim is to assist university Buddhist societies and fellow Alumni through our social and fellowship activities and also through our Buddhist activities. In this way we hope to promote the study and practice of the Dharma together.

How to help or get help?

If you would like to assist MITRA, you can start by registering as an alumni member by clicking on ‘Join The Network’. If you have any suggestions or would like to help and see what is on offer, please contact us directly

If you believe that we can help you in promoting your Buddhist activity or in any other way, please let us know.

Represent the Alumni

The MITRA Executive Committee consists of committee members from member university Buddhist societies as well as Alumni members who were once part of the societies. Alumni members play an important role in the committee as those who have the experience to guide the ‘younger generation’. The committee meets at least 2 times a year to discuss and plan activities.

Being part of the MITRA committee as an Alumni representative is a great opportunity to put back in what you may have gained from your time as a member of a university Buddhist society.

If you are interested in representing the Alumni on the MITRA Committee, please register as an Alumni member. Details of the AGM and nominations will be posted on this website and emailed to you.


Join the MITRA Alumni list (For Uni Graduates)

If you are a past member of Unibodhi, Macbuddhi or UTSBS, you are eligible to join Mitra Alumni. Simply fill in your details on the application form and email it to email@ You will automatically be included on our mailing list if you choose to receive updates.

If you would just like to join our mailing list, just forward your full name to mitratalk@, with ‘join mailing list’ in the subject heading.

Join the MITRA Youth Membership (For all Buddhist Youth Societies)

If you are a member/representative of any Buddhist Youth Group anywhere in Australia please fill out this application form to join MITRA